Who We Are and What We Do: 

PALLET RECYCLE is the largest single location pallet business in the South. We build new pallets, "combination pallets, (combo's), and recycled pallets. We purchase broken and odd-size pallets, repair them and put back into service, for every type of industry- Farm Produce, Grocery, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Transportation. Our Massive 40 Acre Site in Central Florida is convenient to major Florida highways: Turnpikes, surface arteries and interstates. We regularly operate and dispatch between 10 and 15 tractors with more than two hundred vans and flatbeds, licensed to carry as many as 860 4-way pallets. Our inventory is one of the largest in the southern U.S., pallets of all sizes and grades, coming from more than 30 repair stations. We are licensed and insured to the highest industry standards so that your business will have no financial risk with PALLET RECYCLE as your logistical partner.
                                       The Results:
*** Our size and efficiency make for every-day low price. 
                             *** Guaranteed 24 hour or less delivery on standard size pallets. 
                             *** Maximum 5 day delivery
on new or specialty pallets.
The process:

For every pallet need, buying or selling, contact our office, 863-667-0583 or go to our contact page fill out info and one of our two highly qualified and experienced salesmen, Paul Palazzolo or Randy Shulhoffer will schedule an immediate appointment. We will review, then process your specifications and arrange quick turn-around- pick up odd size, broken and excess pallets, and pay you a fair, negotiated price. We have a reputation that begins with instant delivery!

                           *** Special Service: Heat Treated

All offshore destinations and world-wide markets now require "heat treated" packaging, and this includes Pallets. Pallet Recycle is the largest authorized and certified Heat Treatment facility in the South, audited on a monthly basis by  nationally recognized Timber Products Inspection Company.  Standard items- "A" grade, new, and "B" 48-40 four-way, or custom pallets are readily available. If you are furnishing a product overseas and delivering on a Heat Treated pallet, you will eventually be required to furnish a certificate whose number must match the number stamped on the side of the pallet. Dockside penalties are enormous for improperly registered shipments!


Our Heat treating chamber is top quality alluminum, fully computerized with a record for every charge (see below). All pallets when fully loaded will be heated to 138º Fahrenheit for a minimum of 38 minutes, before they can be certified with our license number, #167652 applied in a black stamp. You will be furnished, upon request, a copy of our certificate and you should keep this certificate on file. Caution is required here:
unless your pallet supplier can furnish a certificate, the pallet is not legal for use, and you will be held responsible for all costs and disposal at the overseas docks.

    Pallet Recycle Builds New Pallets: Standard 4-way and "Odd-Size


For more than 20 years Pallet Recycle has grown in the market place returning repaired pallets to service. A growing demand for a brand new pallet from our manufacturing, distribution and produce customers has convinced us we need to take on a new aspect of the pallet business. We build the new pallet using automated equipment for machine guaranteed accuracy of assembly. All of the saws and handling machinery are new; the product we build is engineered to meet requirements of today's automated factory and computerized loading systems. 

               A Quality Pallet Must Begin With Quality Components

  As a free service to new pallet customers, we use a computerized design system developed by John McCloud of Virginia Tech more than 20 years ago. The system, "PDS", continues today with updated technology and new data from forest laboratories. Laboratory tests supply performance and strength characteristics of virtually any species of wood from around the world that can economically be used to build a wooden pallet. Your PALLET RECYCLE Salesman will furnish for you, a copy of this program as it applies to your pallet, and this reference will demonstrate the correctness of your pallet design for the product you intend to put on board the pallet. 


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